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Please enjoy these free, guided meditations, most of which are inspired from the cards and messages in the Hummingbird Wisdom Oracle and the Angels of Healing and Hope Oracle. My hope is that these guided journeys will help you experience the messages on a deeper level and simply provide you with a space to connect to inner peace and access your deepest wisdom. I’ll be adding new meditations periodically, so stop by as often as you’d like.
For now, take a deep breath, ask your heart what it needs, and let it guide you to the
meditation that is right for you in this moment. Pleasant journeys!


Hummingbirds on a wishing well

Make a Wish!

Connect with your heart and magical hummingbirds to receive your heart’s desires.

Rejoice in Stillness

Fill up with golden nectar from the Universe and connect with the Divine.

Open Your Heart

Join with the Angels to send out the highest vibrations of Love, Peace and Harmony.

Fill Up on Divine Sweetness

Connect with Divine Nectar to attract more beauty and magic into your life.

Create a Deep Sense of Peace

Call on the Angels of Peace to create a deeper sense of tranquility and calm.

About Meditationdreamstime_xs_41198104
Meditation is as ancient as our world. Yet, it seems like today it is just beginning to be accepted in the “mainstream.” You can find oodles of studies espousing the benefits of meditation and tons of books and websites on the subject. The best way to learn about it is to do it. People tend to get hung up on the “how” and if they’re meditating correctly. I say there is no right or wrong. The idea is to hit the “off” switch on the busy, noisy world, and your busy, noisy mind, if only for a few moments. You can sit, lie down, repeat mantras, imagine light around you, or listen to a guided journey. Simply focusing on your breath and lengthening your inhales and exhales is a form of meditation. When we’re stressed or anxious, or just caught up in our hectic lives, we can forget to breathe. When you stop and take several deep breaths, you will feel calmer, more peaceful, and able to better take on your day. As with anything, practice is key. A daily routine of 5 to 20 minutes of quieting your mind in some way can make a difference. In time, you will discover that sacred space within you that opens up with meditation. And that is where the magic begins.

About Angels

To me, angels are archetypal energies in the Universe that we can call on for support, assistance, healing, and guidance. Whether it’s something small, like finding a lost item, or something bigger, such as healing a sick loved one, we simply have to ask for help and it is given. I like to say that calling on the angels is like pushing the “ALT” button. As an “alternative” to worrying, we Ask… Let go… and Trust. As the band Train says in my favorite song, “Calling all Angels,” you can ask the angels to “show me a sign.” It’s fun and miraculous when the signs come, and they will… in the form of a song, a butterfly, a feather, repetitive numbers (444 means the angels are with you), or a synchronicity. You’ll know it’s your sign because you’ll feel it in your heart, with your whole being. If you want to learn more, I’m happy to answer your questions. Please use the Contact form to submit them.

About the Archangel Journey Digital Download

The digital “CD” offers two 20-minute meditations, one for healing and one for manifesting. Guided by Ellen Valladares and set to soothing background music, the journeys will assist you in connecting with four of the Archangels (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel), as well as one of your guardian angels. Relax, release, and receive the comfort, peace, and blessings the angels bring. Archangel Journeys cover 2

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