As the pandemic struck in early 2020, author Ellen Valladares and artist Yasmeen Westwood were inspired to share the angels’ messages of healing and hope.

Most of the cards in this deck were created in real time and shared on social media, providing timely messages that brought comfort and wisdom to many when they needed it most. The result was the organic creation of this powerful deck of 44 cards offering soothing angelic guidance and magical images that evoke healing energy and Universal wisdom that is truly timeless. 

Whether you are new to working with angels or an angel aficionado, this unique deck will assist you in connecting with the angelic realm, tapping into your own intuition, and allowing in the guidance to heal and transform yourself, your relationships, and the world around you.

"Angels of Healing and Hope Oracle is a perfect deck to familiarize yourself with the angelic realm and utilize angels' help in your life. The musical associations for each card are unique and are helpful to align with the music of the spheres and the associated message. The booklet is well-done and the artwork is beautiful."
~Margaret Ann Lembo
Author of The Essential Guide to Everyday Angels and Angels and Gemstone Guardians Cards

Angels’ Playlist Picks — A Special Spotify Playlist to Accompany the Cards

The angels often use music to communicate and emphasize their guidance, and as I was creating these cards, especially in the beginning, I would start hearing songs – playing out loud or in my head – that were connected to the messages I was writing. The songs seemed to offer another layer of guidance and a different, fun vibration that might “speak” to people in a multitude of ways. I know I often feel the angels encouraging me through song lyrics. For instance, whenever I hear “Lean on Me,” I feel Archangel Michael reminding me he’s with me – and it’s always a great comfort.

So, in the guidebook, you’ll find a line above each message that gives you the Angels’ Playlist Pick(s) – the song(s) that accompanies that message. If you feel guided, you might listen to the song and see if you gain any additional feelings or perspectives. Or you might take a mental note and perhaps get surprised when you randomly hear that song later. Maybe a different song pops up for you that is even more meaningful. And, of course, if music or those songs don’t call to you, feel free to skip over it.

For those who are attracted to the musical messages, I’ve created a playlist on Spotify of all the songs featured with the cards, plus a few more the angels wanted to throw in. 

Here’s the playlist — have fun with it! Maybe you even put it on “random” and let the songs that come up inspire you. Happy listening!

“You’re invited to join Angels of Healing and Hope”

F O L L O W  M E

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