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Hummingbird Wisdom Oracle

Hummingbird wisdom is as ancient as the Universe, hence the many legends and mystical tales that have been passed down by Native American civilizations for centuries. The Hummingbird Wisdom Oracle cards bring forth the gentle, yet powerful and magical guidance of the archetypal energy of the hummingbird, which ultimately teaches us to embrace the epic journey of our lives, believe all things are possible, and fully embody our divine right to a joyful, fulfilling, abundant life.

The way of the Hummingbird is a path, one of lightness and joy, and one of power and strength. These oracle cards are filled with inspiration and guidance to help you connect to your divinity, explore the seen and unseen, and embrace your unique, epic journey in this lifetime. You are meant to live a life filled with blessings, joy, and sweetness, and Hummingbird offers its magical, gentle wisdom to guide you there.

This guidance comes alive in the fun, mystical world of Hummingbird with 44 exquisitely designed cards created by the award-winning artist Yasmeen Westwood (www.enchantedsoulart.co.uk) with messages and guidance channeled by author and spiritual teacher Ellen Valladares.  The deck includes a detailed guidebook with expanded messages, affirmations, and exercises to enhance and deepen your personal growth. You’re invited to spread your wings and join the Hummingbird on the delightful, nectar-filled flight toward living a more conscious life filled with sweetness and joy.

The  Hummingbird Wisdom Oracle is being published by Schiffer / Red Feather Mind Body Spirit Publishing and is now available wherever books are sold! 

For even more Hummingbird Magic, check out this interview and blog with RedFeather Publishing!

"Let me say first that as an artist I feel that the Hummingbird Wisdom Oracle Deck is the most beautiful deck I've ever seen. Hummingbirds are so magical and these stunning visuals put me instantly into an altered state of receptivity. The quality of the cards and the packaging is outstanding. I love the magnetic box they come in with the little purple ribbon! Add to this that the messages for each card are outlined in the cute accompanying book, and they are deep. Each card is a meditation in itself, and helps me to focus on the positive aspects of life. After all, life is magic, and the Hummingbird Widsom Oracle Cards are a perfect companion on the journey."
"A pretty deck with fabulous messages! The messages within this deck are sure to bring optimism and support. The art is stunning and the deck is beautifully written. The accompanying booklet provides quite a bit of information and insights. The affirmations for each card in the booklet will surely help many find lightness and joy with their use."
A sparkly pink and purple hummingbird and a mirror
- Margaret Ann Lembo
Author of Animal Totems and the Gemstone Kingdom and the Animal Allies and Gemstone Guardians Cards

About the Artist:

A woman wearing eyeglasses

Yasmeen Westwood is a self-taught photomanipulation artist living in Scotland. She had always wished to be an artist but could not paint or draw. Then she came across Photoshop. Her passion for playing with images and creating magical worlds led to the creation of her first deck, The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams, which was released in 2019. 

Yasmeen was a finalist for her artwork, for the MPower, Mums in Business National Business Awards 2019 and was runner-up in two categories of the International Tarot Foundation CARTA Awards 2019, for Best Illustrator of a Tarot Deck, and Best Self-Published Tarot Deck. In 2020, she won the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Bronze Award in the Tarot Deck category for the Tarot of Enchanted Dreams. 
In addition to Hummingbird Wisdom and her second deck with Ellen, the Angels of Healing and Hope Oracle (releasing spring 2023),, Yasmeen also has a new Tarot deck, The Tarot of the Enchanted Soul (both released by Schiffer Publishing in March 2022). To find out more about her, her art, and her other new projects, visit her website
“Hummingbirds have played a huge role in my life as messengers and healers. They can for you too. Ellen Valladares is a true intuitive healer and her wisdom comes through in each card. The artist Yasmeen Westwood did a fabulous job of sharing multilayered creations that inspire the reader to enter each story and really unpack the personal messages. This deck is a gift to the world.”
A hummingbird in a tutu
- Joanell Serra

Do you have a hummingbird story?

These magical birds seem to show up at meaningful moments to bring messages of hope, courage, and faith

I’m compiling the special stories I’ve heard so far and would love to hear your story about how a hummingbird has touched your life or any special significance these birds might hold for you.

Submit your story by email to ellen@ellenvalladares.com. Thank you! 

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