“Seldom does a book capture my heart, my imagination, my inner child’s attention, and my soul’s very essence as did Jonathan’s Journey to Mount Miapu. This epic children’s fantasy is filled with light, love, and powerful life lessons, [letting me know] that what my heart has whispered for lifetimes is in fact truth to be embraced and revered. Children and adults of all ages will delight in Jonathan’s story.”
—Judy Julin
Founder and co-CEO of CosmiKids, Inc., and
author of Romancing the Future

“A beautifully written magical adventure that is sure to capture the imagination of all who read it. There is much to learn by reading Jonathan’s Journey to Mount Miapu.”

—Sandra Ingerman, MA
Author of Soul Retrieval and A Fall to Grace

“An exciting story that offers children [ways] to deal positively with their sensitivities, fears, and strong emotions, as well as how to listen to the wise guidance of their own hearts. Jonathan’s Journey ultimately reminds our children to believe in themselves!”
—Dumari Dancoes
Creator of Parenting Through Your Heart and founder of Children Lights

“Rich with imagination . . . and wonderful language. For any child who enjoys reading about fantasy, adventure, and finding their own strength, this is the story for you. It is a book my class library can’t do without!”
—Melissa Wucher
Third-grade teacher of gifted students